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Our tips for maintaining your business carpet

Carpeting is popular in business premises, particularly for its elegant appearance and its ability to dampen noise. With proper maintenance, carpet can last a long time. There are many industrial cleaning solutions that respect its texture and appearance to take care of your floors.

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Opt for an injection extraction machine

This is a mechanical solution for cleaning floors. The machine is designed for deep cleaning of textiles. As the name suggests, it is used to inject a detergent into the fibres before sucking up the dirty water. Professionals usually use a non-foaming product with an injection extraction machine. Because of the quality of the treatment, half a day is needed to let the floor dry completely.

This method is usually applied after the employees have left the building for optimal results. As a precaution, it is advisable to test the machine on an inconspicuous part of the floor to reduce the risk of unnecessary damage to the textile. Some materials may discolour after extraction cleaning. Wool carpets may also shrink as a result of the treatment.

Since no special skills are required to use the machine, you can make it available to your company’s cleaning staff. You can find the model that matches your cleaning needs and the size of the surfaces to be treated on professional cleaning equipment websites. As far as the budget is concerned, this device represents a fairly substantial investment. However, it has the advantage of refreshing both the condition and the colour on a long-term basis.

Choose a single brush

There are different techniques for cleaning textile floors with a single brush. One technique is to shampoo the floor with a foaming detergent. The brush has a small reservoir where the product is poured into a little water. The proportions of product and water required are normally given in the instructions for use. It is recommended that the dosage indicated by the manufacturer be strictly adhered to in order to limit the risk of discolouration or soiling of the textile.

The machine sprays the detergent onto the floor and brushes the fibre at the same time. The added bonus is that the fibres, which tend to settle when walked on, stand upright. Eventually, it may be necessary to vacuum the dry floor to finish the cleaning.
Another technique involves cleaning the floor, i.e. sucking up the dirt. To begin, a non-foaming detergent should be applied with water to the surface to be cleaned. A short pause of 15 minutes gives the product time to act on all the fibres. A single-brush machine fitted with a wool brush previously moistened with a detergent diluted with water is then used on the floor. This will effectively remove dust and stains. The advantage of using a low-speed single-brush machine is that it makes less noise. The treatment remains superficial. The drying time will therefore be fairly short (about 3 hours) when the premises are ventilated.

Dry cleaning your carpet

This method is recommended for cleaning textiles that cannot be cleaned with water. This is particularly true of floors made of fragile materials. It can also be recommended for floors with few stains. When you clean your floors dry, you avoid the appearance of mould on the fibres, which is more common on a floor that is often wet.

Dry-cleaning carpets requires the application of a bio-powder that will absorb soils. Before starting, make sure you have the right products to avoid damage or rapid wear to the textile. The nature of the materials that the product can withstand is clearly indicated in its specifications. As with the previous method, you should allow 15 minutes for the product to act. A vacuum cleaner is then used to clean the floor. The brush of the device will scrub the fibre to completely remove the dirt. The hoover will remove the product residues. With the right equipment, it is possible to clean carpeted floors yourself.

The result is that the original colour of the textile is restored, and the fibres are quickly straightened. Another advantage is that it keeps the material soft.


Use steam

Steam cleaning a carpeted floor is possible for all types of textile coverings except velvet. This method is not very invasive as it does not require the use of a cleaning product. However, it is common practice to add an anti-limescale agent to the water for a clean finish. A steam cleaner is relatively easy to use. It represents a significant investment at the time of purchase. However, there are a number of different models available from specialist retailers, so you can choose the one that suits you best. However, it is best to leave the work to qualified personnel to avoid the risk of clogging the fibres.

Steam cleaners are equipped with a nozzle. When the tank is full, the water is left to heat for the time indicated on the user guide, and then the brush is passed over the floor. The cleaner will spray steam onto the fabric while gently scrubbing it. As a precaution, be sure to unplug the machine each time you refill the water tank.

It is possible to keep your carpets clean without damaging them by using the right cleaning products and equipment. The choice of cleaning method will depend on the nature of the carpet and the degree of soiling.

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