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Guarding agency

Guarding is a security service offered by a guarding agency. The main aim is to preserve the tranquillity of a place through various surveillance missions. If you wish to reinforce the security of a place in Nice, preserve the tranquillity of your residence, monitor a commercial area or a building site, this article is made for you. Discover the missions of a security guard and the services offered by security agencies.

When should you call on a security guard agency?

agent de sécurité

To reinforce the security of a site, to dissuade the intrusion of people from outside a site, but also to protect property or a residence, the use of a security agency is an ideal and appropriate solution. Indeed, certain areas or places require a human presence to avoid any risk of external intrusion. The presence of a person thus makes it possible to preserve the tranquillity of the premises.

The security guard is also known as a “rondier”, as he makes regular rounds of the premises. They regularly walk around an area to be monitored, and their presence helps to dissuade intruders or the curious from coming onto the premises.

The services offered by a security guard agency are vast:

  • security agent,
  • FPAS (Fire and personal assistance service),
  • dog handler,
  • event security agent,
  • general surveillance of installations,
  • presence in a residence, an industrial zone, a luxury boutique, etc.

A security guard agency also offers various services:

  • remote surveillance (installation of alarms or cameras),
  • patrol services (carried out by a patrol man),
  • patrol
  • interventions on security alarms 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
  • Services during cultural or sporting events.

Security guards are trained to protect premises and preserve the tranquillity of an area. Their presence helps to deter and dissuade any outsiders from coming onto the premises, which is obviously an excellent way of strengthening security.

What are the missions of a security agency?

The presence of one or more security guards prevents any intrusion and keeps the place calm. Indeed, the security guard’s objective is to dissuade the presence of other people from the premises. The security guard must make permanent rounds in the desired location (this is known as a “rondier”). Protection and deterrence are the main tasks of a security guard. The guarding of a place or a property makes it possible to maintain calm while preserving the goods (movable and immovable) on the spot. The agents of the Forteresse Private security can also be dog handlers. The presence of a dog has a dissuasive effect, which guarantees the calm and tranquillity of the premises.

Guarding agency: to secure a building site

The construction of a property or any other infrastructure also requires good security. The presence of a ranger or a dog handler on site to protect the tools and infrastructure from any accidental intrusion can become essential depending on the construction area. The installation of an alarm may also be considered for this type of site, as this will ensure peace and quiet.

agence de gardiennage

Guarding agency: to secure an industrial or commercial area

Whether it is an isolated industrial zone or a shopping centre, the presence of a dog guard who carries out regular rounds with a dog makes it possible to preserve the tranquillity of the premises and avoid any outside presence.

Private security agency: to secure a residence

To preserve the calm of a residence, the presence of a security guard makes sense. In fact, thanks to the regular rounds carried out, property is protected and calm is guaranteed! A security agency in Nice can therefore place one or more security guards to keep out and dissuade strangers from entering.

Thus, a security guard agency offers services to secure the premises, to deter any intrusion and to preserve calm and tranquillity. The protection of goods and people is obviously the main objective, and this mission involves various procedures such as rounds, camera surveillance, the presence of a dog handler accompanied by a dog, and more.

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