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Boosting performance at work: between well-being and productivity

[Boosting performance at work: between well-being and productivity] We would all like our employees to be at the top of their game at all times… But to do so, we must not neglect their well-being! Here are a few ways to make employees feel good at their jobs, avoid stress… and thus be productive to the maximum of their potential.

Work performance linked to employee well-being

It is a proven fact that employees who do not feel comfortable in their jobs and suffer from stress, whether it is due to their schedules, the tasks they are assigned, their relationships with their colleagues, etc., will never be very productive. Employee well-being is the key to generating motivation and higher productivity. Here are a few ways to optimize your employees’ performance at work.

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Quality of life at work

In the past, work and leisure were completely separate. But nowadays, we all want a certain quality of life at work, without too much stress. A gym or restroom, a quality canteen, music in the background whenever possible… are all small touches that improve the quality of life at work for employees, and thus their motivation and productivity.

Increasing individual performance

Be careful not to consider the company’s employees as a whole: by taking an individual interest in each employee, you will make them feel valued, and their individual performance will immediately be much better, as they will not just feel part of the payroll…

Think about the health of your employees

A healthy employee is definitely a more productive employee. Through health checks and by not letting certain small medical concerns (such as MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) often linked to a sedentary lifestyle at work) get worse, you will keep your employees in shape… and they will therefore logically perform better.

Motivating your employees at work

How can you ensure that your employees feel motivated in their work? While a salary in line with the tasks performed and the working hours is obviously essential, other means of motivation exist: small gifts for good results, company meals, trips between colleagues, business gala… All this keeps your employees motivated, and therefore productive.

How to increase performance at work?

To increase the well-being of your employees and their performance, you can implement a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, which can help you in your approach. There are many ways to increase the performance of your employees at their workplaces. Here are some of them.

Teleworking to improve productivity

Telecommuting is definitely an avenue to explore to increase your employees’ productivity: by allowing them to work comfortably from home, you definitely increase their well-being… and therefore their productivity as well. Moreover, the savings in travel time to the company are not negligible these days.


Physical activity at work for better performance

Regular physical activity is good for our health and reduces stress, so it’s important to encourage your employees to take up any kind of sport. You can set up a gym on your premises if they allow it, with free access during the day, or encourage lunchtime classes, ideally with colleagues. The health of your employees will be improved by the return of sport to their daily lives (or increased exercise for those who were already doing it); and therefore, the overall performance of the company will increase!

An ergonomic workspace

We don’t always think about it, but an employee who is poorly positioned at his or her workstation will work much less efficiently! Investing a little money in the ergonomic of your company, such as Ergo Corner, is therefore a very good initiative to implement as soon as possible. A sit-stand desk, ergonomic chairs, group courses to learn which positions to adopt at your workstation… These few investments will undoubtedly quickly increase the overall productivity of your teams, who will be able to benefit from optimal working conditions.

Offer healthy meals

If you have a canteen in your company or are planning to create one, pay attention to the balance of the menus offered! Good general health is the result of appropriate nutritional behaviour: make sure you give your employees plenty of advice to ensure that they eat properly. Moreover, eating a balanced diet in reasonable quantities can prevent your employees from getting tired around 2.30 pm! You can also offer alternatives to coffee in the traditional company coffee machine, and offer healthy snacks instead of sweets at Christmastime…

Fostering team spirit

Getting along with your colleagues is absolutely crucial to your company’s productivity. To promote cohesion and team spirit, congratulate each work team as a whole and encourage your employees to socialize outside office hours, for example by organizing sightseeing trips or meals out. The stronger the bonds between your employees, the better their overall productivity in the office!

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In conclusion, there are many ways to improve the general well-being of your employees at work: ergonomic offices, healthier meals, sports activities… don’t hesitate to explore them, your employees’ overall productivity will certainly increase in parallel!

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