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Why do I plan to buy a property in Nice?

I have had a specific real estate project for several years: to buy a property on the French Riviera real estate market. After doing some research, I chose Nice, which offers great prospects, particularly in the luxury property sector.

For its pleasant living environment

Discover the reasons to buy a property in Nice

Discover the reasons to buy a property in Nice

The real estate ads include old and new properties of different types. These properties have one thing in common: they offer a pleasant and, above all, safe environment. The city’s policy includes concrete measures to fight violence and insecurity.

Although it is a dynamic city with many districts where there is almost constant activity, Nice remains a peaceful city. This is an essential criterion when one wishes to settle permanently in a city or to buy a property that will later be rented out.

At the same time, numerous structures allow the inhabitants to multiply their leisure activities between land and sea. This is without neglecting the fact that the Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis supports projects in favour of healthy, comfortable and eco-responsible housing.

If you are attracted by this lifestyle and wish to buy a property in Nice, we recommend that you contact Haussmann Real Estate. Their estate agents will be able to advise you and accompany you during the purchase.

Nice is an attractive and touristic city

In second place in the list of the largest tourist destinations in France, the city of Nice welcomes nearly 4 million tourists annually. This attractiveness is favourable to the real estate market since the rental demand is constantly increasing or, failing that, remains stable.

French and foreigners alike come to enjoy the climate, which allows them to multiply their outdoor pleasures. The artistic and cultural offer is also very developed. Museums are numerous, as are the works of art installed in the open air, not to mention the abundance of concerts and events scheduled throughout the year.

Clearly, Nice is conducive to creativity and relaxation. Diversity is the order of the day, attracting a growing number of visitors who are naturally seduced by the luxury properties to be found in many areas.

The real estate market in Nice is very attractive

For several years now, the real estate market in Nice has been in good health. Many investors are being tempted by new or old villas and flats, increasing the volume of requests. Unsurprisingly, stocks are dwindling. I therefore decided to make my real estate project a reality and become the happy purchaser of a property that I would entrust to a rental management agency.

In addition to the rising price of buying and selling a house, the rental estimate is attractive. Not only is the risk of vacancy moderate, or even low, but the rents provide a relatively quick return on investment. This is the reason why you need to prepare you search when you plan to buy a home, in order to choose a home that will definitely make you money!

The ideal solution would be to use a real estate agency specialising in rental management in order to optimise the chances of making the most of the property investment. I asked about the fees and honestly, they are fair considering the real estate services offered by the professionals.

A city with good transport links

Before renting or buying a property, it is essential to check its accessibility. This is not a problem in Nice where the public transport network is very dynamic. In addition, motorway facilities, air and sea links are regular, ensuring easy national and international connections.

In Nice, the real estate offer, and particularly the high-end sector, benefits from this dynamism. Getting around is easy, especially as public transport is available day and night. Thanks to the city’s security policy, night-time traffic is not a problem.

Neighbourhoods that are good places to invest

According to the statistics, the Old Town offers the best potential return in the field of rental investment. Properties of varying sizes are listed here. Whether completely independent or nestled in a condominium, they enjoy the proximity of artisanal shops, characterful buildings and the famous flower market.

The Musiciens district and the Carré d’Or are also very popular, especially for those looking for prestigious properties. Prices are naturally higher, as they are around the Baie des Anges and the Promenade des Anglais.

Nice hyper-centre also benefits from a major rental dynamism. Nevertheless, the prices can be prohibitive to purchase. Finally, the port district, which is undergoing a complete metamorphosis, deserves to be mentioned as one of the most attractive areas in the city.

Nice is planning many development projects in the future

Nice is a city that looks to the future, as shown by the many development projects that follow one another and take shape at a steady pace. The Eco-Valley, which is to house the La Digue eco-district, is an excellent illustration of this. It is a project that aims to simultaneously promote economic growth, urban development and social progress with a view to making Nice even more habitable than it already is.

Since 2013, the sports sphere has included a multi-purpose stadium. In addition to hosting facilities that delight amateur and professional sportsmen and women, the Allianz Riviera is also a meeting place for concertgoers. The Grand Arenas project, which will connect the air, rail and tramway networks, is another metamorphosis contributing to the ongoing development of Nice.


It is always interesting to consult real estate ads, but I suggest that you go directly to a real estate agency that specialises in renting, valuing and selling houses (or other real estate) in Nice. For a fair fee, you can access a wide selection of quality properties.