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All about the business gala

Galas are undoubtedly the most elegant events that can be organized by companies. Combined with pomp and refinement, they offer an image of prestige. However, this type of corporate event is not to be taken lightly, as the prestigious aspect can only be achieved through flawless organization. If you are interested in the concept, discover the essential points that must be remembered to crown the evening with success.

What is a corporate gala?

A gala is a large-scale corporate event that is usually held to celebrate a moment of great importance. It is organized to mark an anniversary, for example the 10th anniversary of the company, the completion of a project that has given your teams a hard time, the merger with another company….

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The gala is therefore not a classic business event. It is designed to “mark the occasion” with pomp and circumstance, with rhinestone and glitter. It is an evening that must correspond to a decisive turning point in the life of the company, a sort of culmination or conversely a new beginning.

The organization of events of this importance obviously involves considerable expenditure, as all the means must be put in place to ensure its success.

What are the advantages?

To begin with, organizing an event such as a company gala is an excellent means of communication. You have the opportunity to highlight your company’s identity and to draw attention to the care you give to respecting its values. Supported by competent service providers, you will have the opportunity to make your company’s strengths known through the choice of venue, decoration and type of event entertainment, all of which should reflect the spirit of the company itself.

The gala is also a tool for enhancing the value of your valuable employees. In fact, you can emphasize your recognition in your speech. Don’t hesitate to give out awards during the evening. For example, gifts will be offered according to seniority (loyalty to the company), the quality of the work done…. You can also organize elections beforehand to identify the most helpful employee, the most creative and so on. Awarding the prize in such a lavish setting is sure to leave a lasting impression and motivate everyone to make even greater efforts in the future. This is likely to increase the performance of your employees, as they will feel highly valued and confident in their work.

At the same time, the gala optimizes human interaction. Stereotypes are forgotten because everyone is on an equal footing, in a world where everything is glamorous and everyone deserves their place. Employees from all departments can get to know each other better by discussing something other than their daily tasks. Some of them may find that they have something in common, such as a passion for video games, favourite books, or going out in the countryside, all of which will strengthen the team spirit and break down the barriers that hinder collaboration.

We talk about an event to highlight an achievement, which leads to the loyalty that we mentioned earlier. On this occasion, you make it clear that everyone had a part to play in the success celebrated. This helps you to unite your employees more effectively around the values you hold dear. As the gala is not exclusively reserved for employees, you can strengthen your ties with your business partners at the same time.

Why call on an event agency to organize it?

Events are a complex field and the logistics take a long time to set up, especially when you are aiming high as in the case of a corporate gala. We are not talking about a team-building event where the entertainment can be improvised as we go along, but a grand event orchestrated down to the last detail. Adequate resources are needed to reconcile the festive character of the evening with its marketing vocation.

The best option is therefore to outsource the organization and entrust the reins to experts in the field.

An event agency, such as Tiviera if you are located in Marseille, will be of great help in choosing a venue. Whether you plan to invite 10 or 500 people, the standard of the venue must be high. Define the number of people you plan to invite, identify the type of atmosphere you are looking for, the colours and materials you want to use to match your company’s identity. Also think about the gastronomic aspect, taking into account the foods to which some of your guests might be allergic or intolerant. Based on the information you provide, the agency will be able to select venues such as a private hotel, a yacht, a historical monument, etc., as well as a caterer and decorating teams who will be able to give shape to your ideas.

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At the same time, you will need to think about the entertainment for the gala evening. Depending on the theme chosen, the agency in charge of the organization will be able to give you ideas to liven up the event: live painting, magic show, surprise performance by a musical group, competitions, blind tastings, there is no shortage of possibilities. You can of course submit your own ideas and let the agency take care of the rest.

You don’t do the research. Furthermore, you provide the general outline and select the service providers and ideas that suit you. Using a specialized agency is therefore a guarantee of a turnkey and totally tailor-made organization that relieves you of the burden. You will intervene from time to time to validate the suggestions, but you will not be directly responsible for the details such as transporting the staff, setting up the sound system, etc. You can concentrate on your activities and take the opportunity to work on your speech and choose your formal wear!

A company gala is a great occasion to break out the champagne and enjoy a great success, whatever the field. Show off your employees and your company in its best light. And to put it simply, contact an agency with the necessary skills to ensure that your evening is memorable in every respect.

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