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Wanted: a luxury flat on the top floor

Top floor flats are among the most popular. In fact, some people are only interested in them, and for good reason, as they are exceptional properties that offer an infinite number of advantages. Are you sceptical? Check out some highlights of high rise flats.

A panoramic view

The higher you go, the less you’ll have to deal with. And there are no obstacles to a panoramic view. Trees are not high enough to block your view of the surroundings. Neighbouring buildings have little impact on the way you perceive the horizon.

Depending on the location of the building, you will have the prospect of seeing the sky seem to merge with the sea. You might also see the mountain peaks that loom behind the tall buildings. At nightfall, the artificial lighting adds an unsuspected charm to the panorama.

In other words, the perception of your surroundings changes with each floor. When you reach the top floor of the building, you will find that the views that seem ordinary from the lower floors are actually worth appreciating.

Maximum sunlight

As the top floor of a building is the most open, it is naturally also the best lit. The sun’s rays can penetrate from all sides. In fact, the higher the building, the better the sunlight. At the same time, the height keeps you away from pollution, so that you can enjoy a more airy space than on the floors below.

This high location is advantageous in terms of the quality of the ambient air. The reduction in pollutants entering the flat, together with the sunlight, creates a healthier atmosphere. You will find that living on the top floor is much more comfortable and good for your health. It’s easy to see why these high-rise properties are so popular!

A rare property

It is obvious that flats on the top floor are not commonplace. This is due to the fact that few buildings are high enough to offer these exceptional properties. By choosing to live high up, you offer yourself the possibility of living in a unique property. The quality of life, the panorama that stretches out in front of you, these are just a few of the criteria that make a top floor property so rare. This is the case for many flats in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, which you can find via Hausmann real estate.

Security is also increased as the accessibility of the top floor is complicated. Unless you are a skilled acrobat, burglars will not be able to break into your home. If you forget to close a window on your way out, you won’t have to worry about it until you return. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can also hire a security company to provide even more security

Prestigious flats

These rare properties have the advantage of being carefully landscaped. The lack of a garden is far from being a disadvantage, as there are various design options. Imagine, for example, a terrace with deckchairs for sunbathing away from prying eyes or an infinity pool that allows you to admire the sea unhindered. Large windows that let the sun shine in, ensuring optimal natural lighting throughout the day, are also associated with many flats on the top floors.

As you can see, there are a number of solutions that will make you forget that you don’t have a swing set or a bowls court. The emphasis is rather on the cocooning atmosphere. Thus, the decoration is generally sophisticated without the space being cluttered. The coverings used are of premium quality, the lighting and other elements that play both a functional and decorative role are selected with the utmost care.

The top floor location is suitable for eclectic decorative styles. There is no risk of a leak on the floor above flooding your living areas. Likewise, your beautiful chandelier is not in danger of falling to the ground because people upstairs are walking noisily, or their children are speeding through their flat on trucks. It is therefore easier to integrate high-end accessories and furniture on the top floor, accentuating the prestigious effect of these exceptional properties.

A large living space that opens to the outside

A flat on the top floor of the building offers more possibilities to open up, without the risk of obstructing your privacy. Curtains, for example, are essential for privacy when living on the ground or middle floors. They are more useful for decorating the space and for filtering excess light when you live on a higher floor.

In other words, you can have your meals in front of large windows that look out over the sea, the mountains or that allow you to look out over the city. You welcome your visitors as close to the sky as possible, which is sure to have an effect. After a hard day, leave your curtains or even your windows open to admire the sun setting on the horizon or to watch the stars gradually multiplying in the sky.

Even if you don’t have a balcony or terrace, it’s quite pleasant to live on the top floor. Afterwards, it is possible to carry out some work to bring the flat up to your taste and thus freely enjoy this opening on the outside which is promised to you.

A way to cut yourself off from the urban bustle

When you open the door to your flat, you find peace and quiet. This calm remains as long as you do not create a relatively hectic environment yourself. You do not hear the sound of shoes falling heavily on the floor. You are not disturbed by the crunching of furniture that the upstairs neighbours move. The roar of engines seems far away. The noise from bars, restaurants, discos… does not affect you (or only slightly). It’s like living in a world of your own while remaining in the heart of an urban universe.

Living on the top floor is more or less the same as living outside the city. The advantage is that you don’t have to travel several kilometres a day to work and back home. Local shops are just a few steps away from the building. And when you want to leave this peaceful environment for something more dynamic, you only have to walk a few metres.

The flats on the top floor have everything you could wish for. Airy, bright, quiet, they promise you an exceptional living environment. Remember to visit several properties before making a choice, as each flat is unique in its own way.

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