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Tips for being a good negotiator

Negotiating is an art that requires skills that are developed gradually. There are a few basic techniques that you need to know and used to stay in control of the situation

Don’t wait until the big day to try to understand the person you are dealing with. It is essential to play on the emotions to tip the balance in your favour. It is therefore essential to carry out research beforehand in order to understand the principles of your interviewer, the values he or she holds dear, and not forgetting his or her weak points. This profile will enable you to argue in a relevant manner.

Never lay your cards on the table from the outset at the risk of seeing the situation get out of hand, and do not get lost in an overly insistent argument. Negotiating also means being able to listen to and understand the other party. Pay attention to what the other party thinks is relevant and focus on it.

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Create interest in skilfully structuring your arguments. Do not systematically and openly oppose your interlocutor, otherwise he or she will end the meeting. Instead, consider them as a potential partner by making them understand what they have to gain by accepting your proposal. Back up each argument with specific data: figures, test products, reports and projections, etc. The idea is to show your real competence in the field you are approaching, knowing that you are negotiating on a position and not on a principle.

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