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Finding a good tax lawyer

Are you subject to a tax audit? Do not hesitate to seek the services of a tax lawyer to accompany you throughout the procedure. He has the necessary skills to advise you and defend your interests in the event of legal proceedings.

How do you choose a good specialist lawyer?

Word of mouth is the most common way to find a lawyer. However, you can look online for a list of lawyers registered with the bar in your town or city where your case will be handled.

choose a tax lawyer

A specialist lawyer to face the law

Many have a website presenting their credentials and the different services they offer. An initial interview will enable you to determine whether you have a good contact with the tax lawyer you have chosen. Make sure you establish a relationship of trust with the lawyer before deciding to entrust your case to him or her.

How are lawyers’ fees set?

The law allows lawyers to set their fees freely. They generally depend on their experience and reputation in their field of expertise.

Let’s take the example of the Cabinet Mattei: the services are mostly calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, but it can ask for result fees in addition. These are defined as a percentage of the benefits obtained for the client.

Depending on the nature of the work, a lawyer may also set his fees on a flat rate basis. This applies in particular to legal advice or the monitoring of certain procedures. In the case of a fixed fee, the lawyer usually asks for regular retainers depending on the progress of the assignment.

In short, whether you find a lawyer on the recommendation of a relative or on the internet, do not hesitate to ask for a fee agreement once you have agreed on the assignment.

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